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If you plan to arrive at Boryspil for vacation or to solve your business, you have to take care of the place in which you'll live. The most reasonable way - is to stay in a comfortable hotel room.

When you are looking for a hotel, it must meet certain expectations. First of all, it must be accessible financially. It should also be comfortable and in a convenient location that it can be easy to get to.

Flexible pricing policy caused, on the one hand, high service, well and with other far from Kiev. That is, you can save a good comparison with the capital price of temporary housing.

Consider the example of a hotel complex Altaris advantages of the hotel should have to satisfy the most demanding guests. And so, if you are in Borispol, hotel should be sufficiently far from the airport, to the sound of airplanes taking off not disturb your rest, but not too far away, so time to get to it. The ideal would be a distance of 7-10 km.

If you need to quickly find a hotel, just type in the search bar of your browser request such content * "Boryspil Airport Hotel" *. The results will quickly navigate and choose the most suitable option.


Hotel "Altaris" is known for its hospitality and high quality service, a very convenient location in Borispil city. We are pleased when people return to us again and again, and on this we have decided to make a 10% discount for all regular customers.

Some of our clients don’t need room for whole day, they just want to have rest for a couple of hours. In our hotel you will not have to pay for the whole day, if you stay for a couple of hours.

Even today we have hourly pay! We care about our customers, as they would take care of themselves!

Our services

  • Transfer airport-hotel / hotel-airport
  • Breakfast is served for FREE, 24 hours!
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Long-term and secure parking

Our address

Ukraine, Borispol

Serov str. 32

E-mail: altarishotel@ukr.net